Venom Tape Collection


Title Label Cat.No Country Year
Cast In Stone (part One) Koc hInternational LC 5680 Poland 1998
Cast In Stone (part Two - re-recorded classics) Koch International LC 5680 Poland 1998
Cast In Stone (double casette/album + re-recorded classics) Metal Mind Records Mass 0666 Poland 1999
Resurrection Hammer Musik HM 171 Turkey 2000
Resurrection Mystic Production MP-SPV 002 Poland 2000


Title Venom Track Label Cat.No Country Year
60 Minutes Plus Heavy Metal Compilation Bursting Out Neat Neat C2001 England 1982
OKEJ Heavy Metal Warhead Moondisc ARDKS 2186 Sweden 1984
Wango Tango Vol. 1 Warhead Bernett SB 18535 France 1984
Banzai "Axe" Rip Ride Banzai BAXE4 1 Canada 1985
Metal Inferno Black Metal & Women Castle Killer KKLC 103 England 1985
Heavy Volume 4 Black Metal  Victoria VMC-255 Spain 1987
Axe Attack - The Cutting Edge Of British Witching Hour JCI Records JCT-9019 USA 1988
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal -79 Angel Dust Caroline Carol MC2200 USA 1990


Title Info
Demon Venoms first 3 track demo with Clive Archer
Damned In Helland Live In Zwolle 1984 (complete gig)
The 2nd Date Of Hell Live In Milan 1984 (complete gig)
Buried Alive Live In London 1984 (9 tracks)
Hammersmith Odeon 1.6.84  Live In London 1984 (complete gig)
Fuckin' Hell At Hammersmith Live In London 1984 (complete gig)
Hammersmith Re-Possessed Live In London 1985 (complete gig)
The Ultimate Revenge 2017 CrypticFanMusick release, limited to 16 copies, blank tape, layout from vhs box
The Countess Witching Hours 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 004, limited to 26 copies, blank tape, layout 
The 7th Date Of Hell - LIVE 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 007, limited to 16 copies, blank tape, layout from vhs 
Japanese Assault 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 018, limited to 16 copies, orange tape, layout 
German Assault 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 019, limited to 16 copies, blank tape, layout 
Hell At Hammersmith 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 021, limited to 16 copies, pink tape, layout 
French Assault 2017 CrypticFanMusick release 022, limited to 16 copies, dark blue tape, layout 
Live In Tokyo ´87 2017 AR LABS release, limited to 100 copies


Artist Title Label Cat.No Country Year
MANTAS Winds Of Change Neat Neat C 1042 England 1988
CRONOS Dancing In Fire World Of Hurt WCS 1009 USA 1990


Artist Title Label Cat.No Country Year
VARIOUS In The Name Of Satan GUN Records 74321217344 Poland 1994
SIGH To Hell And Back Voices   Germany 1995