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"That first they did, Welcome To Hell was a classic! Black Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal - Venom started it all in 1981 with that one album. You can't take that away from them."


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"Venom were the first thrash band I heard on record - it really pushed me to be the best."


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"Venom was the band that strongly infuenced the image and the idea behind Slayer"


venom black metal collection homepage legions cronos


"We were going to call ourselves Slayer and be everything that´s not Hollywood. We´re not going to be pretty boys, we´re going to be ugly boys and we´re not going to write about parties, we´re going to write about Satan...Venom was a huge influence and we started to working on our own songs and developed it."


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"When we heard Venom's Welcome To Hell. We changed the style of the band completely. We were more like a heavy metal band and when we heard this. That was it!"


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"Venom is one of my biggest inspirations. When Venom came out in 1981 with the first album Welcome To Hell it was a new era for me. They were the first band to do a new kind of music and the first album is one of the heaviest albums ever made. That was a big inspiration."


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"Venom was an very important band to us because they had that very rough, primitive sound in the beginning that no other bands were having; so they were truly one of the kind. And their lyrics influenced us a lot, too, because they were evil and all that."


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"Venom with thier power and style were a big influence on us in the beginning."


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Sonic Youth

"I was an early Venom fan. I was really into the albums Welcome To Hell and Black Metal - those were both really big albums for me. Venom, in a way, were sort of the first metal band during the punk years that we kind of accepted."


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Skid Row

"When I was growing up and listen to music I was really into Venom".


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"Influences and inspiration? Well, I'm wearing a Venom t-shirt while I am speking right now, and that has a lot to do with it."


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Foo Fighters / Nirvana

"Venom had tones that were just fucking darker than anything else. Every aspect of that band was exaggerated to the point where you couldn't focus on just one thing; it was all just so fucking loud and crazy."


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Hellhammer / Celtic Frost

"The song titles, the riffs, down to our stage names - everything was copied from Venom. We thought Venom was the heaviest band, and wanted to be heavier. Everybody thought we were a new heavy band, but in reality we were just a miserable photocopy."


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"Venom were the originators of the term Black Metal, and they also gave a new sense to the Satanic imagery - with the devils, the pentagrams, the Baphomet. Venom also did something that Black Metal bands these days haven´t managed - the big stage shows with explosions, the whole metal thing. I think they're awesome."


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"When I heard Venom in 1982, it was like Motörhead only 10 times rawer. They had the punk element but they also had a death metal edge and that was before death metal even existed. It was the whole package. They are my favourite band of all times and to me they're the only band that can really call themselves black metal."


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Die Hard

"Of course Venom has always been a great source of inspiration to me, and so has many of the old extreme metal bands. But Venom was always, both musically and visually, way cooler than the rest."


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"When I came in to the band, I brought that whole speed element 'cause I was way influenced by the punk type of stuff at the time. Like Motörhead, to me, was it. And I just liked all that stuff: that underground shit like Venom, I loved Venom. They were a big influence."


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"When Venom came with Black Metal, I thought like, Oh yeah, fucking hell, this is it! They were attacked by a lot of people, but Venom said: fuck you stupid assholes. We believe in the fucking Devil, we believe in Satan, we believe in the true rock 'n' roll, which is the fucking Devil, fuck you all. They weren't hiding anything, that really showed that Venom were the true metal punks. Rock 'n' roll is finding your place in purgatory. Fuck Heaven, fuck Hell, fuck God, fuck Satan. I'm here controlling my own shit. That was really inspiring"


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Pantera / Down

"One of my greatest memories of all time is when the mighty Venom headlined the Gods Of Metal festival 2006, and invited me onstage to sing Die Hard. It made a part of my life."


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Nihilist / Entombed / The Hellacopters

"I lost interest in Death Metal years ago mainly because of the slick production. In my view Death Metal should be dirty and preferably have a little bit of sloppyness to it. To me the rawness disappears when you get too good at your instrument. I can do without all that symphonic synthersizer shit. I prefer Venom you know. Recently I got back to those first albums by Venom and realized how much I love it."


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"I think I was 13 at the time I heard Welcome To Hell for the first time, and I was like, 'This is so fucking morbid!' And from then on I was like, 'Man, there's something about Venom'. They just totally kicked my ass, man. I just loved them. But my all-time favourite Venom is the Warhead EP. That album blew my fuckin eye sockets out of my head."


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Grand Magus

"I was curious about heavier stuff. When I saw the sleeve of Welcome To Hell by Venom, it was like 'Yeah, I'm gonna have this album.' And then I brought it home and shit my pants! Venom being a three-piece also made a big impression; I thought that was the way you should do it, y'know."


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Beastie Boys

"Venom fucking rocked! They were an early crossover band! They got played alongside Black Flag and Minor Threat on a New York radio show I listened a lot to."

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Dimmu Borgir

"Venom has been a very important band for me and also for the whole Norwegian black metal scene in general. They were the soil where the seed of Norwegian black metal has grown from. The imagery was extremely attractive I remember The 7th Date Of Hell VHS and that was the coolest stage performance. We´ve taken a lot of inspiration from that."


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"Venom are personal heroes of mine, huge influence on early Exodus, and still one of my favourite bands of all time."


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"I like Venom and they were definitely one of the building blocks for this band. They created Black Metal and were instrumental in terms of influencing the Norwegian scene."


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Dark Angel

"I remember thinking, Damn this is the first band that makes Motörhead sound tame. Everybody looked to the NWOBHM as an influence, and then Venom came along and kinda turned everything up on it´s ear, you know. They´re one of the greatest bands ever, and they definitely deserve a Hall Of Fame induction"


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"Venom were a big influence, as a whole concept, they really went further than anyone had before. Of course Black Sabbath were doing dark music long before Venom, but they had more knowledge about it. It was maybe not just a gimmick, but maybe a little bit more than that...not for them actually, but for those who received their music, it was pointing the way for something"


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Tormentor / Mayhem

"I was the kind of person looking for more and more extreme stuff, so I got into Iron Maiden, then punk stuff, whatever I could find in Hungary back then. I remember I went to the record store one day and asked - 'What´s the most extreme thing here, I have this hardcore music already'. And one guy was like 'Okay, give him the Venom record', and he put it on and within ten seconds I was spellbound. I loved it." 


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"I wish I heard Venom and Watain in the same sentence more often. Venom is one of my all-time favourite bands and I think if you have that sort of background you might actually be able to relate to what we do as well. Musically there might be a slight difference. Venom are the originators of the Black Metal movement that we later became a part and we like carrying that torch onwards and uphold that legacy. Venom are sure one of the most important bands ever to Watain."