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If you surf around the internet you find a lot of pages which tells the history of this fascinating band. Unfortunately, when it comes down to hard facts, there's unquestionably a distinct lack of detailed knowledge among writers, compared to most other groups, although this is by no means a criticism. Rather, it's simply a reflection of the fact that no official book has ever been written about this legendary band. Many writers have dutifully reported and recounted such lurid tales as the original guitarist having his contract terminated by finding a dead cat nailed to his front door. It all makes for a good yarn, but it still tends to get a bit tedious when a considerable number of objectionable and humourless oiks regulary adopt a poker face and attempt to tell the world that Venom really were unholy blasphemers, actually, and that they really did spend every weekend ravishing virgins and sacrificing goats, and that they wholeheartedly approve of the generation of pasty-faced Scandinavians doing unmentionable things in forests, disposing of their best friends for a laugh and hellpfully cutting down on heating bills at their local church. Fair enough, you can take Satanism as seriously as you like, but it´s hardly fair to implicate Venom when it comes to all this modern-day tomfoolery, they were just three mad Geordies having a laugh...

The history that follows below is put together from 25 years of magazines/clippings/interviews/metalbooks collecting. Some of this information can be read in the amazing box-set MMV (a must of for every REAL metalhead out there). Excepts of the Venom History from the 60-pages book in that box-set can be read on the Official Venoms Legions Page (


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