Here you can follow how the collection listed on this website grows with every month. Some of the new entries has been in the vault for ages but has not been listed until now, but most of the stuff is a recently bought find.

September 2022
VINYL- "Welcome To Hell" - 40th Anniversary edition (Vinyl Collection)
VINYL- "Black Metal" - 2022 Italian release, De Agostini Publishing (Vinyl Collection)

March 2022
CD- "At War With Satan" - 1992 Castle Classics edition (CD Collection)
CD- "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" - 1986 UK edition (CD Collection)

February 2022
MEMORABILIA- "Re-Action Figure" - Bloodlust edition (Action Figures)
MEMORABILIA- "Re-Action Figure" - Glow in the dark edition (Action Figures)

January 2022
MEMORABILIA- "Tablet Of Seth" - 1998 Keyring (Various Accessories)
MEMORABILIA- "Black Metal" - Shaped patch (Patches)