Demon (Demo 1980)

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Side A
Angel Dust
Raide The Dead

Side B
Red Light Fever


Releasedate: December 2010
Label: Unknown
Pressings: Limited to 12 ex.
6 on CLEAR vinyl
6 on BLACK vinyl


Additional Information
April 1980: Venom go in the studio (the Impulse Studio where Conrad works as a tape operator) to record their first demo on April 29th. Conrad asks the recording studio engineer, Mickey Sweeney, to work for free, and also manages to persuade the record company boss David Wood to let him have a half day in the studio for free. 3 tracks are recorded: Angel Dust / Raise The Dead / Red Light Fever. Conrad then makes cassette copies of the 3 songs and sends them to various record companies, radio stations, music magazines & rock venues.