To Hell And Back

venom black metal collection bootlegvenom black metal collection bootleg

Side A
Black Metal (re-recorded version 1985)
Manitou (alternative un cut mix)

Side B
Poison (re-recorded version 1984)
Senile Decay (official version)



Releasedate: 1987
Label: Unknown
Pressing: Black vinyl
Matrix No: Venom - 1987 Lado - A (B)

Additional Information
A nice collection of rarities on this 4-track EP. The re-recorded version of Black Metal first appeared on the Speed Kills collection in 1985. Senile Decay was first heard the same year on the collection From Hell To TheUnknown. The un-cut mix of Manitou could be heard on the Skeletons In The Closet CD. The version of Poison I don´t really know much about. It might be a liveversion..


Label Prints
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Lyric Sheet
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