Venom Live - Cronos Stage Banter

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Side One
Live Part One

Side Two
Live Part Two

Releasedate: 1991
Label: Ecstatic Peace
Cat.No: U-29797
Pressing: Black Vinyl


Additional Information
This 10-minute recording of Venom singer Cronos ranting between songs in New Jersey in 1986 is perhaps the most widely circulated stage banter in history, and for good reason: The quips are insane. The show was recorded by Black Flag roadie Joe Cole (Black Flag was on the bill, inexplicably), who edited out all of the music and left only lunatic ravings. Thurston Moore released it as a single on his Ecstatic Peace label, and the Beastie Boys would later sample "You're wild, man, wiiiiiiiiild" on Check Your Head. I love this record! Go get it if you can! 

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