Venom 1996

 Venom 1996 BootlegVenom 1996 Bootleg

Side A
7 Gates Of Hell
Welcome To Hell

Side B
In Nomine Satanas
Black Metal
The Evil One


Releasedate: September 2012
Label: Unknown
Pressings: Only 100 copies made
All on Black vinyl


Additiional Information
This is a vinyl version of the "Venom ´96" EP that was released on CD to promote the 1996 Venom reunion. It features 4 re-recorded songs and one new song (The Evil One) that was later re-recorded for the upcoming album Cast In Stone. The CD was first sold at the Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Holland on 25th of May 1996.
A very very special event that Venom did headline.


Venom 1996 BootlegVenom 1996 Bootleg