Assalto Portugues

Portuguese Assault vinyl bootleg VENOM black metal cronos mantas abaddonPortuguese Assault vinyl bootleg VENOM black metal cronos mantas abaddon

Side A
In Leauge With Satan


Side B
Black Metal
At War With Satan/Rip Ride
Witching Hour


Releasedate: November 2013
Label: Discossete
Pressings: Light Blue - 120 copies
Light Green - 120 copies
Grey - 80 copies
Dark Green - 70 copies
Dark Blue - 70 copies
Army Green - 40 copies


Additiional Information
Limited edition of the Portuguese Assault in several color versions, in a total of 500 copies. This Mini LP has an exclusive version of "In Leauge With Satan", where the backwards messagees of the intro appear before and after the song but played backwards where you can actually hear what Cronos is saying. This version was edited professionally and it´s a must-have for any serious Venom fan. The second track on the A-side is "Powerdrive" off the "Possessed" album, which was one of the best sold Venom albums in Portugal back in the 80´s. The B-side has some live tracks from Venom´s 2009 show in Portugal: "Black Metal", "At war With Satan/Rip Ride" and "Witching Hour". Complete with custom flag sleeve art with some rare pictures and adverts of other Portuguese Hard Rock/Metal bands releases.