Various Compilation Albums
Album Song(s) Label Cat# Country Year
Lead Weight Angel Dust Neat Neat 1000 Italy 1981
Metal Battle Leave Me In Hell Roadrunner RR 9893 Holland 1983
All Hell Let Loose Burstin Out Base Record/Neat Neat 08 Italy 1983
Metal Hammer Poison (diff.version) Roadrunner RR 9866 Holland 1984
Giants Of Steel Poison Roadrunner RR 9871 Holland 1984
Power, Rage And Burning Angels Witching Hour/Warhead JCI JCI1100/111 USA 1984
Wango Tango Vol.1 Women/Warhead Bernett SB 18035 France 1984
Metal Inferno Black Metal/Women Castle Killer KKLP 103 England 1985
Metal Concussion Black Metal Bandit Records BRLP 101 England 1985
Metal Killers Kollektion Black Metal Castle CCSLP 112 Germany 1985
Banzai Axe Rip Ride Banzai Baxe 1 Canada 1985
Axe Attack Manitou M Port Records JCI-7102 USA 1985
Speed Kills Black Metal (re-recorded) MFN MFN 54 France 1985
12 Commandments In Metal Voyeur Roadrunner RR 9799 Holland 1985
Hell Has Broken Loose In Leauge With Satan Bronze 824331-1 Greece 1985
British Steel Witching Hour/Warhead M Port Records Skull 8376 Belgium 1986
Heavy 3 Rip Ride Victoria VLP-214 Spain 1987
Metal Attack To Hell And Back Somlivre 402.0054-B Brasil 1988
N.W.O.B.H.M '79 Revisited Angel Dust Vertigo 846 322-1 England 1990
Speed Kills 5 Live Like An Angel Under One Flag FLAG 46 England 1990



Interview Albums
Album Label Cat# Country Year
Interview With Venom Baktabak TT 112 B England 1985