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December, 2010

"The recording process has been quite a challenge" reveaed Cronos, "We started work on the album just before the South American tour at the end of 2009, and as well as a series of challenges throughout, we´ve also managed to get out on the road to play a select number of live shows during 2010.

The great thing about the new album is it´s a band effort with everyone contributing ideas, we didn´t set any time limits so we had the luxary of allowing the album to evolve. All of the songs sound very raw and ferocious, and taht´s down to the fact that we been recording in a live setting, without triggers or old kit samples, so it sounds ten times heavier and natuaral, like a live concert in the studio".

April, 2010
Venom have extended their Live Schedule for 2010......
Rockweekend Festival in Sweden [Soderhamn] will see the return of the mighty Venom, they will be headlining on 8th July 2010. The most Metal of German Festivals With Full Force XVII is proud to announce that Venom will be headlining on Saturday 3rd July 2010, complete with full stage show. Basinfire Festival in the Czech Republic will also see Venom Live this year, the band will be headlining on Friday 2nd July 2010. The Nummirock Festival in Finland on 26th June will see Venom returning to play Live for their Scandinavian Legions.

March, 2010

The Hole In The Sky Festival [Bergen Metal Fest XI] in Norway has now announced that Venom will be headlining the festival on 27th August 2010. The Metal Hammer Stage at this years High Voltage Festival on 25th July 2010 will see Venom performing Live as 'very special guests' to Down Venom's Management are currently negotiating more dates to add to Venom's 2010 Live Schedule.  Russiaand Poland are hoping be the next new territories to experience the mighty Venom Live in Concert.  The dates proposed so far are:
24th June 2010 = RUSSIAN FEDERATION ~ Moscow
25th June 2010 = POLAND ~ Warsaw

Venom's Management are asking fans to check the website for confirmation of dates and venues
as apparently the Promoters have to wait for the authorities to give permissions.
This information is taken from the official Venom webpage -

February, 2010

Venom can now proudly announce the first of their Live Concerts for 2010.
BULGARIA ~ Sofia on: 17th April 2010 @ Festivalna Sports Hall
This will be the first time that Venom's Bulgarian Legions will get the opportunity to see the band play Live in their country, and Venom guarantee an amazing show for their fans, "we receive many letters and emails from this part of the world"explained Cronos"so were really psyched that our management have finally arranged this show, we been working on a very special set list for our Bulgarian Legions in between recording the new album tracks, so roll on April, and Welcome To Fucking Hell Bulgaria!".
Venom's management are also currently negotiating other 'one-off' Venom shows for throughout the year, plus some more surprises in other virgin territories that Venom have yet to conquer

February, 2010

New Album Underway
Venom are currently in the studio recording the tracks for their next album. The band have been busy recrding the demos and rehearsing with their new drummer Dante during 2009. Cronos recently commented: "There´s a fresh energy with the new line-up and the sessions are going great, Dante is a relly big hitter which is fantastic, his playing went down a storm with the South American Legions during our Latin American tour in December 2009. Rage has been tearing up the decibels and cranking his amp valves white hot, so the new album is sounding killer and should be ready to be unleashed in 2010". Venom's management are currently negotiating some live shows for later this year.
This information is taken from the official Venom webpage -

January, 2010

Cronos Talks About The Genesis Of A Genre
John Doran of The Quietus recently conducted an interview with Cronos where he amongst other things talks about the upcoming album.
Cronos Interview

December, 2009

Mission Accomplished In South America
Venoms visit to South America recently was a great success. A lot of Legions who witness the assault on one's own has mailed me and everybody says the same thing. Venom's new line-up kick ass! Everyone was firing and went on like a force. Dante was amazing and fits superb into Venom. A review of the Brasil-concert and some pictures can be found on the following link.
Brazil Concert Review

 November, 2009

Cronos in interview about the upcoming Brasil-concert
Venom will be embarking on a tour in South America this coming December 2009. Brazil’s show will be the first in 23 years as the band played a historical handful of gigs in the country in ’86. Die-hard fan – and also Rockonnection collaborator – Leandro Jorge, from Rio de Janeiro, started, in 2004, a website entirely dedicated to those shows in ’86 (, in Portuguese language) and now he was chosen by Cronos himself to do the first interview about the show in Brazil. Check it out here!
Rockonnection Interview

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October, 2009

South American Tour Info
Venom will be embarking on a tour of South America this coming December 2009. The bands management commentet, "we started looking into the possibility of organising a Venom tour in South America a couple of years back, Venom have a massive following in Latin America, and now that the bands Agent has organised a fantastic tour with the Promoters, the band immediately agreed to take time out from recording the new album to start their rehearsals for the tour."

The tour dates
5th December - Mexico / Mexico DF
6th December - Colombia / Bogota
9th December - Chile / Santiago
10 December - Argentina / Buenos Aires
12 December - Brazil - Sao Paulo

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September, 2009

Cronos Speaks To Rushonrock
Cronos took time out from recording the band's new album in the North East of England to speak to UK rock and metal site RUSHONROCK.COM

To read the full interview go to 

August, 20009

Deluxe Black Metal Release
The new Black Metal deluxe edition is now set for release on 14th September.  The pacakge is digitally remastered and expanded two disc (CD + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) Deluxe Edition of the Metal band's groundbreaking 1982 album featuring 11 bonus tracks plus a bonus live DVD. Black Metal is Venom's most important release. This was the album that gained the band recognition and tilted the Heavy Metal world off its axis, inspiring countless of disciples to pick-up the gauntlet and blaze their own trail down the brightly lit pathway scorched by the grooves of this masterpiece. This edition for the new millennium serves to enhance the original with a plethora of mouth watering additions. Following the original album are 11 bonus tracks consisting of a Radio One Session, outtakes, remixes and the single, `Bloodlust'. However, the piece-de-resistance comes with a complete second DVD disc of the monumental live show, The 7th Date Of Hell, filmed at London's Hammersmith Odeon in 1984.
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July, 2009

Picture Of New Line Up
The first picture of the new Venom line-up can be witness on the Official Venom Webside. Venom 2009 is CronosRage and new drummer Danté.

 May, 2009

And The Beat Goes On......... 
Venom's Management have just released a news statement which names the new
Venom drummer as Danté.
The band have been holding auditions for the last few months and they've finally made a
choice. "We had a fantastic response", explained Cronos, "there were many great players to
choose from, but at the end of the day I wasn't looking for someone who could just play
the songs, I wanted somebody who was really hungry to be in the band for all the right
reasons, and Danté also has all the right qualifications
Venom and their management would like to thank all of the drummers who came to the
auditions, plus all of the others who sent their CVs and CDs etc.
The band are now in rehearsals with Danté and will be recording new demos for the next
album over the coming weeks, as well as planning future shows.

NOTE: This news is taken from the Official Venom Site

April, 2009

Venom Looking For New Drummer
Venom have now decided to part company with drummer Antton.
Cronos has released a brief statement saying: "I reformed the new Venom back in 2005,
we've had some great shows and two amazing albums during the last four years with Antton,
but Venom isn't just about what I'm doing right now, I also have to keep in perspective with
my past.  I have 30 years of Venom to deal with, and therefore I cannot separate the past
from the present, to me it's all one and the same, one journey".

At the end of 2008 the first two Venom albums were re-released in Japan, and now there's plans
for a worldwide re-release of the classic Black Metal album plus a DVD of the 1984 `7th Date
Of Hell`
 concert at Hammersmith Odeon. 
"Antton isn't happy about living in the constant shadow of the original line-up, he would rather
concentrate on his own band from now on, where he can be judged on his own merits".

Everyone wishes him every success in his future ventures.
NOTE: This news is taken from the Official Venom Site

April, 2009

Antton Quits Venom
Drummer Antony "Antton" Lant has announced his departure from the pioneering British black metal band VENOM. "I have left for various reasons and would like to concentrate on my own band called DEF-CON-ONE," Antton — who is the brother of VENOM frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant — tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET
NOTE: This news has not yet been confirmed by the Official Venom Site

September, 2008

 Japanese Cardboard-Sleeve Reissue Series Announced
On October 22, a two-album Japan-only cardboard sleeve reissue series from British black metal pioneers VENOM will be made available via Universal Music featuring the following LPs:
"Welcome To Hell" (1981)
"Black Metal" (1982)
Each cardboard sleeve reissue features the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players)


 September, 2008

"A Tribute To Venom" Out Now!

Sigh's new seven song LP w/ CD tribute to Venom has been officially released in stores all over today (Septmber 2). The LP itself comes in standard black, but limited peppermint (ltd. 100) and solid red (ltd. 400) colored versions are being offered as well. All three feature the music on one side, and etching on the other. 
Paying tribute to Venom goes all the way back to Sigh's earliest days, with covers being regularly played at shows. A rare live tribute album was released on cassette from Voices From The Dark Side Productions in 1995.

Track listing:

1. Black Metal
2. Schizo
3. Die Hard
4. Countless Bathory
5. Teacher's Pet
6. Witching Hour

Recording Lineup:
Mirai Kawashima - Bass, Organ, Backing Vocals
Satoshi Fujinami - Drums, Guitar
Shinichi Ishikawa  - Guitar
Junichi Harashima - Drums

Dr. Mikannibal - VocalsThe tribute also feature guest bass work from Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Venomous Concept).

June, 2008

USA For Satan
The new Venom album Hell is now set for release in the USA on 12 August 2008.
The album is being released by Noise/Sanctuary and will feature 2 bonus LIVE tracks
In League With Satan and Burn In Hell which was recorded on their 2007 Scandinavian
Tour. A limited vinyl edition will also be released.
This is confirmed news from

May, 2008

Venom invades Greece
According to, VENOM are among the confirmed bands for the Rock 'em All festival, set to take place July 20 at the Lykabetus Theater in Athens, Greece.
The official Venom page, has now confirmed this date.
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April, 2008

Hell Tracklisting And Cover Revealed
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Venom have finalized the track listing of their new album, "Hell", due in Europe on May 26 via Sanctuary.
"Hell" track listing:

01. Straight To Hell
02. The Power And The Glory
03. Hand Of God
04. Fall From Grace
05. Hell
06. Evil Perfection
07. Stab U In The Back
08. Armageddon
09. Kill The Music
10. Evilution Devilution
11. Blood Sky
12. USA For Satan
13. Dirge / The Awakening

April, 2008

Venom Album Tracks Online
A compilation of songs from the upcoming new Venom album "Hell" are now available to hear. Eight of them are streaming from the multimedia section on the official Venom website.

Click hear to get to the multimedia section

 April, 2008

Festival Show Confimed
Venom have now announced they´ll be appearing Hellfest on 20th June 2008. The band are to set to headline the first night of the three day festival in Clisson, France and promise to kick the festival with a bang. Currently in production rehearsals with their new stage show, the band guarantee a truly spectacular event for their French Legions.
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 March, 2008

Interview With Cronos About The New Album
Here you can read an interview with Cronos made by Paul Travers on March 10. The first part of the interview is about the new album "Hell" and the second part is about Rage.

Part 1
Part 2

 February, 2008

New Venom Album Release Date
The new Venom album "HELL" is set for release in May 2008 through Universal. Packed with 13 brand new malevolent tracks from the masters of Black Metal, Venom are now preparing to unleash this thunderous sequel to their 2006 Metal Black album. Some of the song titles are:
"Straight To Hell"
"Hand Of God"
"USA For Satan"
"The Power & The Glory"
"Evil Perfection"
"Kill The Music"
More news will follow. Keep your eyes on


October, 2007

Calm After The Storm
A Festival in Spain [Atarfe Vega Rock] that Venom had been asked to headline on1st December 2007 has now been cancelled due to bad weather.  Storms in southern Spain have made the venue unsafe for bands to play.  The Spanish Promoters are looking to reschedule the event. Venom are planning their next touring schedule with the release of the new album, although no definite dates have been decided as yet.
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September, 2007

Album News - Final Stages
Venom are close to the mix stage of the new album, they will be in the infamous Townhouse Studios in London where they also mixed the last album 'Metal Black'.The recording of the album hasn't been as straight forward as expected, "changing locations to record the backing tracks has brought many challenges" said Cronos, "we've had everything from phantoms in the machinery to the guitarist getting tendonitis to religious pickets outside the venue, but it all just adds to the challenge, at least the studio didn't collapse this time".

August, 2007

New Album Update
Venom have decided to re-record some of the tracks on the new album and change the release date until early 2008. Antton explains: "During the Scandinavian Tour we played through some of the new tracks in the sound-checks, there's something about the energy you deliver when playing on a stage that differs greatly from recording in a studio. All fired up we tore the tracks to shreds. We tried to organize a mobile studio to get to the hows, but it was way too late notice, so on our return to the UK, Cronos hired some small venues for us to record some new backing tracks to work on. At the end of the day it´s all about recording a great album, and this new album is sounding absolutely awesome. The band are also preparing som samples to stream from the Official Website (, as well as some choice recordings from the tour.


July, 2007

History Of Venom - DVD
Work has started on a special DVD release of Venom's classic videos. The Hammersmtih show from 1984 (The 7th Date Of Hell) and the Nightmare video to name a few, are set to feature along with new interviews from various members and 'never before seen' footage from the band members personal archives are also set to be included.
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 May, 2007

Stockholm Signing Session Announced
Before the concert at Klubben in Stockholm on Thursday, 24 May, Venom will take part in a signing session at the recordstore Sound Pollution between 18.00-19.00.

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 March, 2007

Venom Announce 2007 Tour Dates
A Scandinavian 7 Dates Tour has been confirmed by Venom's Management. Venom played 2 festivals in Scandinavia last year (Sweden Rock & Tuska), where they received an amazing welcome, so now the promoters have offered Venom a 7 Date tour in May, the band are taking a break from recordning the new album to take up the offer to tour the country.
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 February, 2007

Resurrection Album Release Update
Sanctuary  have set the release date of 23rd April 2007 for Venom's Resurrection album. The new release is set to include an extensive booklet of photos and artwork from the time of the original release (2000), as well as sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome. 

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 January, 2007

Venom Start the New Year with the Rage
Venom kick off 2007 with the news that the guitarist known as Rage has joined the band in place of Mykvs, personal unavoidable commitments in the US have forced Mykvs to announce that he cannot commit 100% to Venom's 2007 schedule. Rage (La Rage), has already been working in the Studio with the band who are currently recording new demos for their next album. The band are also rehearsing and recording the tracks for the Live Set and plan to announce some concert dates soon, they'll also be uploading some new recorded samples to the Official Venom Website.
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December, 2006

Sanctuary to release Resurrection in 2007
Sanctuary Records are releasing the Resurrection album in early 2007. This album which features Cronos and Mantas, is the first Venom album to feature Antton on the drums. Resurrection paved the way for a tighter, heavier Venom and was originally released in 2000 on Steamhammer label.

 November, 2006

New Venom Album in the making
Cronos has been revealing his plans for the next Venom album; "Venom will be even darker and heavier for the next release, the new song ideas that Antton and I have been composing over the last year will be exactly what the Legions expect from us, and will really test the abilities of the band members. There's going to be a lot of blood spilled making the next album. This band belongs to the fans and I'm going to stay true to the spirit of Venom no matter what sacrifices have to be made".

October, 2006

Venom 2007 - Live Shows Planned
Talks are already underway to discuss Venom's "Live" appearance for 2007. The bands Management and their Agency are keen to book Venom to play some of the other territories the band have still yet to destroy. "Playing in Sweden this year was incredible" said Cronos "it just seems mad that it took Venom so long to get there, now we want to look at all the other places where we've never been, like Spain for example". Cronos is also developing new ideas with the German Pyro Company who featured at the couple of their festival shows this year, and they promise some great surprises for next years live shows.
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