Collection Update

Here you can see how my collection grow from time to time. In some cases I have had the item for ages but it has until now not been shown on the webpage.

 December, 2008
MEMORABILIA - A pillow with Venom design
MEMORABILIA - 10 guitarpicks
MEMORABILIA - "Bloodlust" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "Die Hard" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "Warhead" promo-poster

MEMORABILIA - "Possessed" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "Cast In Stone" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "Resurrection" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "Metal Black" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - "At War With Satan" promo-poster
MEMORABILIA - Venom concert poster from Studio 54 gig with Slayer 1985 (later re-scheduled to 3 April without OZ)
MEMORABILIA - Dynamo Festival 1996 Concert Program
MEMORABILIA - Wacken Open Air 2000 Concert Program
MEMORABILIA - Ticket from Copenhagen Concert at SAGA 1985

November, 2008
CD -
"Hell" (JAPAN pressing, limited SHM-CD, first press-digipack)
CD - "Black Metal" (2008 JAPAN pressing, Cardboard Sleeve Replica from the LP jacket artwork, SHM-CD)
CD - "Welcome To Hell" (2008 JAPAN pressing, Cardboard Sleeve Replica from the LP jacket artwork, SHM-CD)
TAPES - "Metal Inferno" (including Black Metal and Women)

October, 2008
VINYL - "A Tribute To Venom" by SIGH (limited RED vinyl with CD included)
CD - "Hell" (Russian pressing, digipack with 2 bonus tracks)
DVD - The new released Metal City (the old vhs transfered to dvd)

T-SHIRT - Black shirt with Possessed cover (Newprint)
T-SHIRT - Jersey tour shirt from 1985 with Manitou frontprint and Legions back-print
T-SHIRT - In League With Satan shirt with small inverted cross on lower back
MEMORABILIA - Promotional poster for Resurrection
MEMORABILIA - Battle Helm Magazine, Issue #8 2000 with Venom cover
MEMORABILIA - Black Mass Magazine, Issue #1 1995 with Venom cover
MEMORABILIA - Framed "Welcome To Hell" picture disc
MEMORABILIA - Framed "Black Metal" picture disc
MEMORABILIA - Framed "At War With Satan" picture disc
MEMORABILIA - Framed "Possessed" picture disc

September, 2008
VINYL - "Irish Assault" (testpressing boxset)
VINYL - "A Tribute To Venom" by SIGH (black vinyl with limited CD included)
VINYL - "In The Name Of Satan - A Tribute To Venom" (from 1994)

CD - "Hell" (USA pressing with signed booklet from all band members)
TAPES - "In The Name Of Satan - A Tribute To Venom" (Poland pressing)

Official tour shirt from the USA-leg of Metal Black tour 2006
T-SHIRT - Black baby shirt with black metal cover print
MEMORABILIA - Tourposter from Turin, Italy 1985

August, 2008
CD - "Kissing The Beast" (Brasil pressing with poster, sticker and pin)
TAPES - "Possessed" (Canadian Banzai pressing with original album-cover)
TAPES - "Possessed" (USA Combat pressing, white tape)
Woman with goat in arms (newprint with front and backprint)
T-SHIRT - Shirt with latest album, HELL, covered on front
T-SHIRT - HELL shirt with albumcover as front and grouppicture as backprint
MEMORABILIA - Poster from Hellfest 2008

July, 2008
VINYL - "Irish Assault" (green vinyl)
VINYL - "Irish Assault" (orange vinyl)
VINYL - "Irish Assault" (white vinyl)

VINYL - "Possessed" (Combat pressing with promo stamp on cover)
VINYL - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (Japan pressing with complete edition of stickers and inserts)
CD - "Hell" (Thailand pressing, promo copy)

CD -
"Hell" (Nuclear Blast mailorder copy with inverted cross, limited to 333 copies)
CD - "Calm Before The Storm" (2003 re-issue from Alchemy Entertainment Ltd)
TAPES - "Temples Of Ice" (UK original pressing)
MEMORABILIA - Original poster for Hammersmith gig 1984

June, 2008
VINYL - "Hell" (picture disc)
VINYL - "Hell"
CD -
CD - "Hell" (limited digipack edition with slipcasecover)
CD - "Official Bootleg" (original 1986 UK pressing)
TAPES - "Black Metal" (Spain pressing - Victoria)

TAPES - "Cast In Stone" part one (Poland pressing - Koch International)
TAPES - "Cast In Stone" part two (Poland pressing - Koch International)
MEMORABILIA - Hard Rock (French magazine from 1997 with Venom cover)
Metallian (French magazine from 1998 with Venom cover)

May, 2008
TAPES - "Possessed" (Spain pressing)
TAPES - "Cast In Stone" (Poland pressing - Metal Mind Records)
TAPES - "Resurrection" (Poland pressing - Metal Mind Records)
T-SHIRT - Old and original Welcome To Hell shirt

T-SHIRT - Black Metal Holocaust newprint shirt
Old group picture newprint shirt
MEMORABILIA - Earthshaker Festival 2006 Poster added
MEMORABILIA - Belt buckle - Venom logo
MEMORABILIA -  Belt buckle - Metal Black

April, 2008
VINYL - "Warhead" 12" single(Testpressing)
CD - "Speed Kills 5" - Various Artists (Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil- Tony Dolan version)
VIDEO/DVD - "Hot 'N' Heavy" - Various Artists Video (including Rip Ride)
VIDEO/DVD - "Metal City" (bootleg DVD)
T-SHIRT - Old and original Welcome To Hell shirt
T-SHIRT - Welcome To Hell with red print (one sided new print shirt)
MEMORABILIA - Nightmare sticker
MEMORABILIA - Postcard Hell And Fire (Venom behind fire, skulls and bones)
MEMORABILIA - Promo postcard from the Possessed album

Mars, 2008
"Italian Assault" (testpressing, extremely limited black vinyl. Only 10 copies made)
VINYL - "Hammerlock /Limecell split 7" single (punkrock tribute to Venom)
VIDEO/DVD - "The 7th Date Of Hell - Live At Hammersmith 1984 Video(Polygram pressing)
MEMORABILIA - Manitou sticker
MEMORABILIA - 2 devilheaded sticker
MEMORABILIA - Venom logo sticker
MEMORABILIA - Tablet of seth sticker
MEMORABILIA -  Metal Lighter - Welcome To Hell
MEMORABILIA -  Metal Lighter - Black Metal
MEMORABILIA - Metal Lighter - At War With Satan
MEMORABILIA - Metal Lighter - Tablet Of Seth

February, 2008
VINYL - "Italian Assault" (limited to 333 lightbrown vinyl edition)
TAPES - "Prime Evil" (Thailand pressing)

T-SHIRT - Tourshirt from Scandinaven tour 2007 (Venom meets Nifelheim)
T-SHIRT - Tourshirt longsleeve from Scandinaven tour 2007 (Venom meets Nifelheim)
MEMORABILIA - Ticket stubb Toronto 31 March, 1985
MEMORABILIA - Ticket stubb New York 5 April, 1986

January, 2008
"60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation" (including Bursting Out)
VIDEO/DVD - "Sweden Rock Festival 2006" (DVD including Black Metal live)
VIDEO/DVD - "Black Metal A Documentary" (DVD including Cronos interviews and a liveclip)
VIDEO/DVD - "This Is Black Metal" (DVD including interview with Cronos/Mykvs/Antton)
T-SHIRT - Snake skull with Venom logo (one sided new print shirt)
MEMORABILIA - Dynamo ´96 (magazine with Venom cover)
MEMORABILIA - Under Fire (magazine with Venom cover)
MEMORABILIA -  Metal Age (magazine with Venom cover)
Metal Magazine (magazine with Venom cover)



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