Die Hard

Satan, Father

Help me from this grave

Demons, Warriors

Ever be my slaves

'Cause I can't reason

With men and mortal fools

They will die hard,

Hear the golden rule

Die Hard

Legions iron and steel

Die Hard

Men of war reveiled

Die Hard

Captors of the Brave

Die Hard

Die Hard

Sinner, liar

Guard your crown of thorns

Priestess, Parson

Live your life of scorn

I can RAISE the fires

Of Hell and blasphemy

We can grow strong

Satanic royalty

Evil, angels

Vultures of the night

Ride the wings of Hades

Death is on our side

Furnace burnin' bright

'Cause we ain't getting tired


Acid Queen

You - have got everything i need

You - can bring my soul out of me

I'll pay your wicked price-deliver your merchandise

Gypsy you'll drive me a dream

Acid Queen

Wild - tames the raging beast

Child - helps the blind to see

Demon controls my mind - leaves the real world behind

Mould me a purgatory scene

Acid Queen

Acid Queen...

Can you hear me - i said get out of here you..

Witch - now you've given all you've got

Bitch - thought you'd left me here to rot

You're coming down and fast - you've tripeed your very last

I'll take your place and sing

Acid King


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