Collection Update

Here you can follow how the collection listed on this website grows with every month. Some of the new entries has been in the vault for ages but has not been listed until now, but most of the stuff is a recently bought find.

December, 2010
VINYL - "Demon" 3 track demo from 1980, CLEAR vinyl, limited to 6 copies (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Demon" 3 track demo from 1980, BLACK vinyl, limited to 6 copies (Bootlegs)
T-SHIRT - The official festivalshirt from Sweden Rock Festival 2006 (Tour/Festival Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - "In The Name Of Satan" Tribute-album poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "In League With Satan" official 2010 patch (Patches)

November, 2010
TAPES - "The Waste Lands" - Original Under One Flag pressing 1992 (Tapes)

TAPES - "Prime Evil" - French pressing, N.E.W Musdisc 1989 (Tapes)
TAPES - "The Singles 80-86" - Original RAW pressing WHITE Tape 1986 (Tapes)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Rockweekend Festival, Sweden 2010-07-08, 32 minutes DVD
T-SHIRTS -  Shortsleeved "Black Hell" shirt from 1996 (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Look At Me Satans Child.." reprint from 2010 (Newprints with Frontprints)

October, 2010
VINYL - "At War With Satan" - Very rare simple cover UK pressing, silver labels (Albums)
VINYL - "Prime Evil" - White Label TEST pressing (Albums)
CD - "I Am Legion" - ABADDON, promotional copy with A4 press release (Releated Albums)
T-SHIRTS -  The official festivalshirt from With Full Force XVII 2010 (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal" with songtitles on backprint, lots of spellingmistakes (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - With Full Force Festival XVII ticket stubb (Ticket Stubbs)
MEMORABILIA - Hole In The Sky 2010 ticket stubb (Ticket Stubbs)
MEMORABILIA - Leather Jacket with "Welcome To Hell" album cover painting (Jackets)

September, 2010
VINYL - "Welcome To Hell" - White label Testpressing of Back On Black 2010 release (Albums)
VINYL - "Possessed" - Finland 1985 pressing on EUROS records (Albums)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Helsinki, Finland, 2007-05-27, 16 tracks DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - Mexico City, Mexico, 2009-12-05, 12 tracks DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - Santiago, Chile, 2009-12-09, 20 tracks DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - Buenos Aires, 2009-12-10, 18 tracks DVD
T-SHIRTS -  The official festivalshirt from Hole In The Sky 2010 (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal Holocaust" black vintage shirt with gold print (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - 3rd October 1985, Newcastle Ticket Stubb (Ticket Stubbs)
MEMORABILIA - Christmas Metal Meeting 1997 poster, cancelled show (Tour Posters)
MEMORABILIA - Hole In The Sky 2010 poster (Tour Posters)
MEMORABILIA - 1985 Loreley Festival Poster Sticker (Stickers)
MEMORABILIA - Belt Buckle with "Welcome To Hell" design (Belt Buckles)
MEMORABILIA - 10 new different badges (Badges)

August, 2010
LIVE RECORDINGS - Söderhamn, Rockweekend Festival 2010-07-08, complete show (CDR)
LIVE RECORDINGS - San Diego 1985-04-18, 5 tracks DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - E.C.T. Show 1985-05-31, 3 tracks DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - Milan, Gods Of Metal Festival 2006-06-01, complete show DVD
LIVE RECORDINGS - Athen, Rock 'Em all Festival 2008-07-20, 7 tracks DVD
T-SHIRTS -  The official festivalshirt from Rockweekend 2010 (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal Holocaust" white sleeveless shirt (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - Guestpass & VIP pass from Wacken Festival 2000 (Tour Passes)
MEMORABILIA - German Assault album cover patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - American Assault album cover patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - Japanese Assault album cover patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - Milwaukee Metal Fest XI guidebook (Tour Books)
MEMORABILIA - Black Metal mousepad (Mousepads)
MEMORABILIA - Norway Rock Magzine no. 4 2010 with Venom cover (Magazine Covers)

July, 2010
VINYL - "Possessed" - White label Testpressing (Albums)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Buenos Aires 2009-12-10, complete show (CDR)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Clisson, Hellfest Festival 2008-06-20, complete show (CDR)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Eindhoven, Dynamo Festival 1996-05-25, complete show (CDR)
T-SHIRTS - "Possessed" shirt, sleeveless (Old & Original)
MEMORABILIA - "Die Hard" Backpatch (Patches)

June, 2010
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal" Vintage 2010 shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Seven Dates Of Hell" shirt, Classic poster as frontprint (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Black Metal Large Print, Beanie (Caps)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Black Metal Baby Bodysuit, black colour (Children)

May, 2010
VINYL - "Calm Before The Storm" - French pressing, N.E.W Musidisc (Albums)
CD - "Winds Of Change" - MANTAS, Italian re-issue from 2006 (Releated Albums)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Logo Pacifier (Children)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Goat Pacifier (Children)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Goat Bib (Children)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Fan-Truck (Children)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Black Metal Baby Bodysuit, white colour (Children)

April, 2010
VINYL - "At War With Satan" - White label test pressing, signed by MANTAS (Albums)
T-SHIRTS - "Metal Black / Japan Tour 2006" shirt, cancelled tour (Tour Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - Prime Evil tour, tour pass, signed by MANTAS (Tour Pass)
MEMORABILIA - Dynamo 1996 festival reunion concert pass and wristband, signed by MANTAS (Tour Pass)
MEMORABILIA - Milwaukee Metal Fest 1997 artist and VIP pass, signed by MANTAS (Tour Pass)
MEMORABILIA - With Full Force Festival 1998 artist pass, signed by MANTAS (Tour Pass)

March, 2010
VINYL - "Black Metal" - Double Grey vinyl release on Back On Black 2010 (Albums)
VINYL - "At War With Satan" - Double Red vinyl release on Back On Black 2010 (Albums)

VINYL - "Carnivorous" - Russian Flexi-single, red colour (Flexi-Singles)
VINYL - "Harder Than Ever" - Russian Flexi-single, clear colour (Flexi-Singles)
VINYL - "Venom/Metallica Live In Nurnberg 1984" - 3 vinyl Box set with memorabilia, Colour Combination 1 (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Venom/Metallica Live In Nurnberg 1984" - 3 vinyl Box set with memorabilia, Colour Combination 2 (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Venom/Metallica Live In Nurnberg 1984" - 3 vinyl Box set with memorabilia, Colour Combination 3 (Bootlegs)
CD - "Zombie Hymns" - DECEASED, album with coverversions of Black Metal & Die Hard (Coverversions)
CD - "In League With Satan - Live in Zwolle, Holland 1984, Complete show (Bootlegs)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal" Jerseyshirt (Newprints with Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS - "USA Invasion" shirt longsleeve (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
"Black Metal Massacre" patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - "Venoms Legions" patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - "Welcome To Hell - Sons Of Satan" patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - "From Hell To The Unknown" patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - "Doomed To Hell" patch (Patches)
MEMORABILIA - "World Possession Tour" patch (Patches)

February, 2010
VINYL - "Dancing In The Fire" - CRONOS, very rare testpress album (Releated Albums)
VINYL - "Welcome To Hell" - Double Clear vinyl release on Back On Black 2010 (Albums)
VINYL - "Deadline Demo '86", mega rare testpress (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Deadline Demo '86", Gold vinyl limited to 300 copies (Bootlegs)
CD - "Old, New, Borrowed And Blue"  - Korea pressing (CD)
TAPES - "At War With Satan"  - French pressing on Bernett (Tapes)
TAPES - "At War With Satan"  - Spain pressing on Victoria, white tape with RED print (Tapes)
TRIBUTES - Genocidio "Probations Live" with COUNTESS BATHORY (Coverversions)
T-SHIRTS - "Seven Dates Of Hell" shirt with Warheadcover on front (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
T-SHIRTS - "Get Ya Tits Out Tour 1989" CRONOS shirt (Venom Related Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "7 Dates Of Hell! shirt, Video Cover front print (Old & Original)
T-SHIRTS - "From Hell To The Unknown", Album Cover front print (Old & Original)
MEMORABILIA - Scandinavian Dates Of Hell Tour 2007, tour pass (Tour Pass)
MEMORABILIA - South American Dates Of Hell Tour 2009, tour pass (Tour Pass)
MEMORABILIA - 4 different kinds of pass from the 2008 dates in France & Greece (Tour Pass)

January, 2010
VINYL - "Warhead"  -  Megarare testpress single, signed by Mantas (12" singles)
CD -
"The Singles 80-86"  -  Raw pressing 1986 (CD)
CD - "Live-Official Bootleg"  - USA pressing 1996 (CD)
T-SHIRTS - Longsleeve festival shirt from Dynamo 1996 (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - Tour shirt from the South American tour in december 2009 (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - Mantas "Zero Tolerance" shirt, signed (Releated Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Metal" shirt with printed lyrics on the back (Newprints with Front & Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - Combat Tour Live Poster (Promotional Poster)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Logo Keyring, Official 2009 Product (Keyrings)
MEMORABILIA - Venom Logo Beanie, Official 2009 Product (Caps)
MEMORABILIA - Black Metal Dog Tag, Official 2009 Product (Pewter Pendants)


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