Reformation Concerts 1995-1998

Tour Notes
Following no less than three years of negotiations, the original band line-up reformed in 1995, to nothing less than ecstatic european media response, to headline the Waldrock Festival and the Dynamo Festival. Venom spent a large chunk of 1997 recording their new studio album, Cast In Stone, only interrupting to headline the Milwaukee Festival and Metal Invader Festival in Greece. The European dates supported by Hammerfall were cancelled due to Cronos having to undergo surgery for vocal nodes. The gig at With Full Force in Germany 1998 was to be the last gig with original drummer Abaddon behind the sticks.


Tour Dates

Year Date City Venue Country Support Act Notes
1995 24 June Bergum Waldrock Festival Holland   Venom crowd: 5 000
1996 25 May Eindhoven Dynamo Festival Holland   Venom crowd: 89 000
1997 26 july Milwaukee Milwaukee Metalfest XI USA    
1997 6 September Athen Metal Invader Festival Greece   Venom crowd: 6 000
1998 10 July Sachsen With Full Force Festival Germany    



Tour Lineup
CRONOS  (Conrad Lant)   -   Vocals & Bass Guitar 
MANTAS  (Jeffrey Dunn)   -   Guitar
ABADDON  (Tony Bray)   -   Drums



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venom black metal collection homepage  Waldrock Festival 1995


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venom black metal collection homepage  Milwaukee Festival 1997


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venom black metal collection homepage  With Full Force 1998