Collection Update

 Here you can follow how the collection listed on this website grows with every month. Some of the new entries has been in the vault for ages but has not been listed until now, but most of the stuff is a recently bought find.

December, 2011
CD - "Fallen Angels", Numbered Swedish Promo, Spinefarm records (Albums)
T-SHIRTS - "Christmas Metal Festival", official t-shirt for the Lichtenfelsevent in November 2011 (Tour Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - "Christmas Metal Festival 2011" ticket (Ticket Stubbs)
MEMORABILIA - "With Full Force 2010" festival programme (Tour Books)
MEMORABILIA - "SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2011" festival programme (Tour Books)

November, 2011
VINYL - "Fallen Angels", 2-LP, Spinefarm records (Albums)
VINYL - "Hammerhead", EP, Spinefarm records (10" Singles)
CD - "Fallen Angels", Special Edition with 2 bonus tracks, Spinefarm records (Albums)

October, 2011
VINYL - "Sweden Rock 2006", 7" two-track single, BLACK wax limited to 8 copies (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Sweden Rock 2006", 7" two-track single, CLEAR wax limited to 8 copies (Bootlegs)
CD - "Calm Before The Storm", Japanese PROMO pressing, label VAP (Albums)
T-SHIRTS - "Bloodlust - Venoms Legions Sweden" shirt (Newprints with Front/Backprints)
MEMORABILIA - "Poperinge 1984 gig poster" (Tour Posters)

September, 2011
VINYL - "Buried Alive", mega rare Red splatter vinyl (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Polish Assault", vinyl Box set (Bootlegs)

August, 2011
VINYL - "Black Metal", limited WHITE vinyls edition on Back On Black (Albums)
VINYL - "BBC Rock Show London 2006", double single - 4 tracks, BLACK wax limited to 5 copies (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "BBC Rock Show London 2006", double single - 4 tracks, CLEAR wax limited to 7 copies (Bootlegs)
CD - "Beauty And The Beast", a new release of "Calm Before The Storm" with different cover and title (Albums)
TAPES - "The Singles 80-86", Polish pressing from Fann Records (Albums)
TAPES - "The Waste Land", Polish pressing from Metal Mind Records (Albums)

July, 2011
T-SHIRTS - "In League With Satan", new 2011 official shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Bloodlust", new 2011 official shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Polish Assault" Krakow 2010 gig shirt (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "South America Tour 2009" official tour shirt (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Tuska Festival 2006" festival shirt (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Earthshaker Festival 2006" festival shirt (Tour Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - Official "Black Metal" textile poster from 2010 (Textile Posters)

June, 2011
VINYL - "Leave Me In Hell", double livealbum vinyl from Germany 1984 (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Possessed", Crunch Records pressing, New Zealand 1985 (Albums)
T-SHIRTS - "Black Stage" Wacken 2000 festival shirt (Tour Shirts)

May, 2011
VINYL - "Welcome To Hell", Japanese pressing on Trio Records (Albums)
VINYL - "Wind Of Change", French testpressing of MANTAS solo album (Releated)
TAPES - "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal ´79 Revisited", 24 track collection with "Angel Dust" (Various)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Krakow, Poland, June 23, 2010, 10 tracks DVD (DVD)
LIVE RECORDINGS - SWR Barroselas Metal Fest, Portugal, April 30, 2011, Complete concert DVD (DVD)

April, 2011
CD - "Metal Black", American promo copy from Sanctuary (Albums)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Luttenberg, Holland, September 12, 1990, 13 tracks DVD (DVD)
MEMORABILIA - Original "Black Metal Night" poster, signed by Cronos/Abaddon (Signing Session Posters)

March, 2011
VINYL - "Burried Alive", megarare Splatter colour pressing (Bootlegs)
VINYL - "Venom/Metallica Live In Nurnberg 1984" - 3 vinyl Box set with memorabilia, PROMO-BOX (Bootlegs)
TAPES - "Black Metal", Polish pressing from 1991/MG Records (Albums)
TAPES - "Calm Before The Storm", Polish pressing from 1991/MG Records (Albums)

February, 2011
TAPES - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", megarare Spanish pressing (Albums)
TAPES - "Acid Queen", UK original compilation from 1991 (Albums)
TAPES - "Welcome To Hell", Polish pressing - Triada (Albums)
TAPES - "Prime Evil", Polish pressing from 1991/MG Records (Albums)
TAPES - "Temples Of Ice", Polish pressing from 1991/MG Records (Albums)
T-SHIRTS - "Alive in 95" tour shirt, Black Metal logo longsleeve (Tour Shirts)
T-SHIRTS - "Mexico 2009" tour shirt, with front and backprint (Tour Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - "Mexico Hell Tour 2009" sticker (Stickers)
MEMORABILIA - "Goat-Logo-Pentagram" sticker (Stickers)
MEMORABILIA - "Resurrection" SPV promosticker (Stickers)
MEMORABILIA - "Metal Black" Dynamorecords promosticker (Stickers)

January, 2011
CD - "Black Metal", Ukraine pressing (Albums)
CD - "Hell", Ukraine pressing (Albums)
CD - "Hell",  Universal Promo pressing - watermarked Cd with individually marked unique code (Albums)
MEMORABILIA - The polish "Oldschool Metal Maniac" No.2 / 2010 with Cronos cover (Magazine Covers)
DVD - "With Full Force DVD 2010", official dvd with two VENOM livetracks, Countess Bathory & Metal Black (DVD)
LIVE RECORDINGS - Sao Paulo, 2009-12-12, 18 tracks DVD (DVD)


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