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December,  2015


It's a sad day for Rock 'n' Roll as we learn of the passing of Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead. We offer our condolences and pay tribute to the man who put "heavy" into heavy metal. The worlld will miss this icon and legend. All hail this modern day pirate. R.I.P. Lemmy.
Cronos stated: "Lemmy was a true inspiration and a great friend. A rock 'n' roll legend who will be sadly missed by many. Rock in peace mate"
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October,  2015


The mighty Venom have confirmed they will be headlining one of the stages at this years "Festival Del Diablo II Open Air" in Colombia on 28 November 2015. Venom would like their hardcore Latin Legions to spread the word that this upcoming concert will definitely be:
Venom's ONLY show in South America for 2015

Venom Latest news from the black metal gods cronos
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September,  2015


Just when you thought Venom had finished their run of European Festivals for 2015, we
are proud to confirm that Venom will be headlining this years Black Christmas Festival
in Sweden on 19 december 2015. See you there Legions. Hell yeah!

Venom Latest news from the black metal gods cronos
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September,  2015


Venom are returning to Spain on: 13 August 2016 to headline the Leyendas del Rock XI festival. "This is a fantastic festival" stated Dante, "We played there back in 2013 and
had an amazing show. The festival has many bands from different styles of Rock Music,
which is a great idea for fans of various generations. We are working on an awesome new
set for our Spanish Legions, stay wild". Hell yeah!

Venom Latest news leyendas rock festival 2016
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September,  2015


After a decade of absence from UK shores, Venom have finally announced that they will
be appearing live at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival on Friday 12th August 2016.
"BOA have invited Venom to play at their Festival in 2016, said Cronos, so let the
joyous celebrations of Hell begin, and the UK Legions bear witness to the only legitmate
force of Black Metal on this planet". "I appreciate that a lot of British fans have been
screaming for us to play the UK for many years now, but Venom don't play anywhere,
I've been waiting for the right event so we can make a great show. So we held out, 
and I'm bloody glad we did". Get ready to Lay Down Your Soul England!

Venom bloodstock 2016 show
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August,  2015


A fantastic high quality mask of "Satan" (Staan) from the "Black Metal" album sleeve, is
now officially licensed by Venom and currently on sale from: SikRik Masks. Cronos was
personally involved in the development of the mask with Rik of SikRik Masks. As Cronos
is the artist who designed and created most of the Venom artwork, including the original 
"Black Metal" albumsleeve, he gave his seal of approval to Rik´s final mask design.

Venom black metal latex mask
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August,  2015


The Summer Breeze Festival in Germany was the perfect way to conclude Venom´s run
of 2015 European summer festivals, as it was the 50th concert by guitarist Rage with
Venom since he joined the band in 2006. All hail the great Rage!
"Another great milestone" commented Rage, "2016 will be my 10th year in the band
and I can also announce that we are now officially the longest running line-up of Venom"
"Work on the next album has already begun and the vibe in the studio is awesome, so
get ready for more killer sonogs and shows in 2016, as there´s lot more to come"

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July,  2015


Venom are set to headline the Maryland Deathfest in 2016 for the second time. As Venom´s lastshow at MDF in 2013 was cut short by curfew, both Venom and the promoter have been in talks for a re-show, as the promoter wants everyone who attends MDF to have 100% satisfaction, and Venom agree, the Legions deserve a full show. Hell fucking yeah!
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June,  2015


Cronos would like to thank the Legions for all their well wishes and concerns, after he was involved in a pyrotechnics accident at the Fortarock Festival on 6 June in Holland. He was lucky it wasn´t a much more serious situation as the onstage Flame Jest were activated, although he refused to stop the show. Cronos would like everyone to know that he is well, and the upcoming shows will be going ahead as planned. Thanks for your support Legions. Stay Wild!
Venom Latest news from the black metal gods cronos

June,  2015


Venom have announced their only US date for 2015 at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas on 8 November 2015. Cronos explained: "This show will be very special for both the band and the fans alike, Texas is one of the only states we have never played before. Crazy as that may be. I´m told that the Texan Legions are the most dedicated Metalheads in the US, and being the birth place of bands like Pantera, let the mayhem begin"
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May,  2015


Venom are playing this years: Vagos Open Air Festival on 8 August 2015. This will be Venom´s only show in Portugal for 2015, so the band are looking forward to making a killer show for their Portuguese Legions. Be there - Hell Yeah!
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March,  2015


Venom will be returning to Belgium to appear live at this years ALCATRAZ FESTIVAL on 9 August 2015. The band had an amazing show at Torhout in 2013, where the Belgium Legions arrived in force. So get ready for Venom to return and burn this place to the ground.
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March,  2015


Holland will see the return of Venom at the FORTA ROCK FESTIVAL on 6 June 2015. It has been 15 years since Venom last appeared live for the Dutch Legions, back in 2000 Venom destroyed Hardenburg, but the time has come to return, and Nijmegen will be a truly explosive event.
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March,  2015


Venom are confirmed to appear live at this years ROCK FEST in Barcelona, Spain on 25th July.
The band are looking forward to returning to Spain. Venom had an amazing show in 2013 when they headlined the LEYENDAS DEL ROCK festival in Alicante, the Spanish Legions were loud and hardcore. The show was long overdue, but well andd truly worth the wait.

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March,  2015


Venom will be playing at this years SUMMER BREEZE festival ini Germany on Saturday 15th August. This will be Venom´s second German show for 2015, with another celebration of pyrotechnics and real Black Metal mayhem for all - Hell Yeah!
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February, 2015


Venom were nearly forced to cancel their shows on the 70 000 TONS OF METAL cruise festival in January 2015, as their equipment was misplaced by two airlines companies. But thankfully, some of the other musicians on the cruise offered to help out, so Venom were to loan what they needed from Arch Enemy, so the shows could go head. Metal unite, indeed.
Venom Latest news from the black metal gods cronos

January, 2015


Due to the new album a lot of great magazines have naturally large Venom features and reviews. For instance ROCK TRIBUNE from Belgium have a six pages focus on Venom and the English ZERO TOLERANCE seven pages + review. Both magazines have also put Venom on the frontcover.
Venom Latest news from the black metal gods cronosVenom Latest news from the black metal gods cronos

January, 2015


The new studio album "From The Very Depths" music slays, and all praise indicates that this could be one of Venom's best releases… ever. Even the album title is 100 percent "Venomous". referencing the band's infamous live intro tape. Page added to Discography section. Click on the link below.

January, 2015


Venom are releasing their fourteenth studio album "From The Very Depths" later this month on Spinefarm Records, and they've just dropped this video for Long Haired Punks to get us excited!

From The Very Depths is the follow-up to 2011's Fallen Angels album and features founding member Cronos as well as Rage and Dante.

Speaking about the record, Cronos said: "This album is perfect; all three members are totally over-the-top confident with the new songs and the production. We had a great atmosphere in the studio while we were recording; Dante created pure thunder from his drums, while Rage tears the flesh off your face with his riffs, making everything fall into place so well… it shows the band maturing into an unstoppable force of pure black metal.

"We can’t wait to play the new songs live for the legions. Hell yeah!"

From The Very Depths is out 26th January via Spinefarm. Pre-order from iTunes orAmazon.


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