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November,  2016


There's exciting news for Venom's Swedish Legions, as it has now been announced that Venom will return to the Sweden Rock Festival in 2017. Venom first appeared at SRF in 2006, which led to other offers for the band to headline other Swedish festivals in the years that followed. So now 11 years since their legendary first appearance, Venom are set to return with a killer show on: Saturday 10 June 2017. It will be awesome. Be there or beware. Hell yeah!
Venom black metal sweden rock festival 2017


2016 has proved to be a very productive year for Venom, combining playing a select number of key shows, and also working in the studio writing/recording new songs for their upcoming nalbum release. The new Venom songs are powerful selection of Black Metal style classics, which as a treat to the fans, the band and label have decided to release an EP ahead of the album release by spring of 2017. The EP will be release on vinyl by Spinefarm Records/UMG, and will feature 3 brand new songs. "The songs have still not been decided" said Cronos, "so we've suggested to the label that we put 10 new song titles in a hat, thus leaving the choices in the lap of the gods".
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September,  2016


In anticipation of Venom´s arrivial in Mexico, the fans have taken matters into their own hands to "spread the message far" with some awesome urban street art, designed to advertise Venom´s show on 2 September 2016. Cronos was overjoyed when he saw the photo of the artwork, saying "what better way can your dedicated followers let you know that they are eager to see the band again, and how welcome you are in their country, max respect"
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August,  2016


Venom are spending lots of 2016 in the studio, both rehearsing new set lists for their festival dates, and writing, recording new songs for their follow up album, to last years award winning album From The Very Depths, and the band are now in talks with the label, about a possible early 2017 three tracks EP prior to the new album release. No definite release dates have been announced yet. Watch the news section for updates as soon as we receive them
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July,  2016


Venom have now confirmed that they will be playing two liveshows back-to-back in Mexico this coming September 2016. On Friday 2nd September, Venom will play a headline show in Mexico City, and then on Saturday 3rd September, Venom will appear at Monterrey 2016, which is the first edition of this event in Mexico. Venom are eager to return to Mexico to play again for their hardcore Mexican Legions. Spread the message far!
Venom black metal news officialVenom black metal news official


June,  2016


Yes, we can confirm that Venom's classic track; "Countess Bathory" can be heard in the new X-Men Apocalypse movie. We know it wouldn't take long for the Legions to start emailing to ask about it, as it never takes long for their Venomous Antennae's to detect the unholy anthems.
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March,  2016


Venom´s latest album From The Very Depths were voted No1 album of the
previous year at the Aebyss Portal Album Of The Year. Venom now releases a
video for the reception of the award. A BIG thanks to all the Legions who voted!


February,  2016


The Legions of Lithuania will bear witness to the mighty force that is Venom on:
25 June 2016, as Venom have now confirmed that they will be headlining this years
KILKIM ZAIBU FESTIVAL XVIVenom are planning to bring their full pyrotechnics
show, so their Baltic Legions can finally "lay down their souls". Hell Yeah!
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Official Webpage Kilkim Zaibu Festival


January,  2016


Venom are now confirmed to headline one of the stages at this years PRIMAVERA SOUND
in Barcelona, Spain on 4th June 2016. The spanish Legions will be overjoyed with
a second show in 2016, as are the band, especially as this event is one of the biggest
festivals in Spain, if not all of Europe, with last year seeing nearly 200.000 music lovers
attending the event. That´ll be seriously too Loud for the Black Metal crowd.
Hell yeah Legions!
Venom black metal news official

Official Webpage Primavera Sound Festival



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