Here you can follow how the collection listed on this website grows with every month. Some of the new entries has been in the vault for ages but has not been listed until now, but most of the stuff is a recently bought find.

March, 2019
T-SHIRTS- "Storm The Gates" - 2019 shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Storm The Gates" - longsleeve 2019 shirt (Official Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - "Storm The Gates" - beanie 2019 (Headwear)
MEMORABILIA - "Venom/Black Metal" - beanie 2019 (Headwear)
MEMORABILIA - "Cronos In Pentagram 666" - posterflag (Textile Posters)
TRIBUTES - "Summoning The Hounds Of Hell" - tribute album (Tributealbums)

February, 2019
VINYL - "Hell At Hammersmith" - white label promo 12" (Vinyl Collection)
VINYL - "Storm The Gates" - Europe-pressing, 2019 albumrelease (Vinyl Collection)
VINYL - "Nightmare" - Ultra rare mispress picture disc, plays Madonnas "Like A Virgin" album (Vinyl Collection)
T-SHIRTS- "Sacrifice" - 2018 Legionsmade shirt (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Blackened Are The Priests" - 2018 Legionsmade shirt (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" - 2018 Legionsmade shirt (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Cronos In Flames" - 2019 shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Warhead" - 2019 shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Possessed" - 2019 shirt (Official Shirts)

January, 2019
CD - "Storm The Gates" - Europe-pressing, 2018 release (CD Collection)
T-SHIRTS- "Possessed" - black/white shirt (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Cronos in ring of fire" -grey jerseyshirt (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Black Metal Massacre" - reprint of fan-club shirt (Front & Backprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Poison In The Sea" - 2017 Rock The Boat shirt (Tour/Festival Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Brazilian Assault" - 2016 tribute/memory shirt (Tour/Festival Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Black Christmas Sweatshirt" - 2018 shirt (Official Shirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Bang Your Head 2017" - artist shirt (Artist/Crew Shirts)
MEMORABILIA - "From The Very Depths" - promo poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Storm The Gates" - promo poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Fallen Angels" - promo poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Die Hard" - promo poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Bloodlust" - promo poster (Promotional Posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017" - festival poster (Tour/Concert posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018" - festival poster (Tour/Concert posters)
MEMORABILIA - "Party San Open Air 2018" - beer mug (Mugs/Glass)