Here you can follow how the collection listed on this website grows with every month. Some of the new entries has been in the vault for ages but has not been listed until now, but most of the stuff is a recently bought find.

October 2020
MEMORABILIA- "Face Mask" - official 2020 item (Various Accessories)
MEMORABILIA- "Shot Glasses" - official 2019 item (Glasses/Mugs)
TAPES- "Storm The Gates" - black tape (Tapes)
MEMORABILIA- "Peru 2017" - gigpass (Passes-Tour/Backstage)
T-SHIRTS- "Tons Of Rock" - 2015 festivalshirt (Tour/Festivalshirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Sweden Rock Festival" - another 2017 festivalshirt (Tour/Festivalshirts)
T-SHIRTS- "Possessed By Hell" - black frontprint shirt  (Frontprints)
T-SHIRTS- "Welcome To Hell" - with titleprint on back shirt  (Front And Backprint)
T-SHIRTS- "Look at Me...Legions Sweden" - cool shirt (Front And Backprint)
CD COLLECTION- "In Nomine Satanas" - 2020 digipack reissue (Compilations)

September 2020
VINYL COLLECTION- "Sons Of Satan" - rare and unreleased album (Compilations)
CD COLLECTION- "Sons Of Satan" - rare and unreleased album (Compilations)

August 2020
MEMORABILIA- "Black Metal ReAction Figure" - from Super7 (Action Figures)

April 2020
MEMORABILIA- "Nightmare" - poster advert (Posters-Promotional)
VINYL COLLECTION- "German Assault" - Unofficial picture disc (The Assault Series)

March 2020
MEMORABILIA- "At War With Satan" - albumcover poster (Posters-Magazines)
MEMORABILIA- "Original Line-Up" - Cronos-Mantas-Abaddon poster (Posters-Magazines)
VINYL COLLECTION- "Manitou" - 12" Textured sleeve (10-12" Singles)

January 2020
MEMORABILIA- "Wall Calendar" - 2020 calendar (Varoius Home)