Rarities-  "Black Metal" rare TESTPRESS of 2016 picture disc release added (Rarities)

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Memorabilia- "Venom" rubber bracelet wristband (Wristbands)
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Tributes-  Quote from Erik Danielsson, Watain  (Quotes About Venom)
T Shirts-  "Black Metal" & "From The Very Dephts" shirts added (Front & Backprint)
Memorabilia- "Welcome To Hell / Black Metal" slipmat set (Slipmats)
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Memorabilia- "Mexico City 2016" gigposter (Tour/Concert Posters)
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LIVE/On Tour -  "Bloodstock 2016" My livereview added (My Livereviews)
Venom News - Mexican Legions welcome Venom to the city (Venom News)

Venom News - Studio Update 
(Venom News)
Memorabilia- "Bloodstock 2016" programme added (Tour Books/Programmes)
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T Shirts-  "Maryland Deathfest 2016" shirt added (Tour/Festivalshirts)
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Venom News - Venom confirmed for two Mexican Gigs (Venom News)
LIVE/On Tour -  "Summer Festivals 2016" Kilkim page updated (Tour Archive)

T Shirts- "In League" 2016 shirt added (
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LIVE/On Tour -  "Primavera 2016" page updated (Tour Archive)
Venom News - "Countess Bathory" in the new X-Men movie (Venom News)
LIVE/On Tour -  "Summer Festivals 2016" Maryland page updated (Tour Archive)

Memorabilia- Italian 1992 poster added (
Magazaine Posters)
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Memorabilia- "Milwaukee Metalfest 1997" festivalposter (Tour/Concert Posters)
Memorabilia- "Nummirock 2010" festivalposter (Tour/Concert Posters)
Discography- "Evil Faces" page added(Bootlegs)
Memorabilia- "South America 2009", another pass added (Tour/Backtage Passes)
Venom News - Venom voted Album Of The Year 2015 (Venom News)
Discography- "Brutal Assault" page added (Bootlegs)
Discography- "Holland Assault" page added (Bootlegs)

Memorabilia- "LIVE EVIL 2007" two more of Cronos personal passes (Tour/Backtage Passes)
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Discography- Brasil 1986 page added (Bootlegs)
Discography- "Vatican Assault" page added (Bootlegs)
Venom News - Venom confirmed for KILKIM ZAIBU FESTIVAL 2016 (Venom News)
Memorabilia- "Fun Fun Fest 2015" special made poster, 99 copies (Large Posters)
Memorabilia- "Welcome To Hell" vinyl slipmat from 2015 (Vinyl Slipmats)
Memorabilia- "Venom" sweat band from 2015 (Wrist Bands)

Vinyl - The page re-maded 
(Vinyl Collection)
Venom News - Venom confirmed for PRIMAVERA SOUND FESTIVAL 2016 (Venom News)
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T Shirts-  3 shirts from the Autumn/Winter gigs 2015 (Tour/Festivalshirts

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